Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Like a Chain, or the Cat

In honor of the fickleness of both the internet and its users, the following is a list of my favorite sites...*tonight*.

Iced Out Gear: Want your bling? Want your bling to be the bangin'-est of all bangin' bling? The bling-i-est, perhaps? Scope out this website's offerings and tell me that you can live without a "PIMP" drinking cup or an LED belt buckle.

Urban Dictionary: From "cool" to "crunk," "dude" to "diggity," "shit" to "shizzle," this website assists those who need a little knowledge dropped on their slang. Word.

Busted Tees: Not even Shakespeare is out of range for these merry pranksters of the most simple of garments. Their Jesus is especially fresh, and don't forget to try their state and country flavors! Que bon!

Modern Drunkard Magazine: Do you like to drink? I know I do. I prefer to drink in the company of other drinkers, but when I can't, I like to read about other people who love to drink like I do. That's why I read Modern Drunkard Magazine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I need a "bear arms" tee now...


11:00 PM  

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